Getting needed capital for your business in 2017.

When securing the perfect lender of equipment funding, it’s important to work with a lender that understands your specific industry and capital needs. We have analysed numerous lenders of equipment to help you understand how to secure funding. Additionally, some lenders can facilitate equipment financing with bad credit. Credit isn’t everything, and an experienced lender knows to examine several other factors and qualifications of a business when determining an offer for equipment funding options. 

No doc business loans are common with lenders that have a quick and efficient online process for analyzing what you qualify for. Some lenders offer same day business loans and can facilitate funding as soon they get some basic information on your company. Fundamentally, the minimum requirements that lenders of equipment and lenders that provide same day business loans look for are (unless it’s a new business):

 $10k in monthly revenue.

3 months in operation.

Simple bank statements and owner verification.

Many small business owners also look for no credit check business loans. This is to avoid unnecessary hard pulls on credit, which lower your credit score. However, experienced direct lenders know how to determine what you qualify for, without damaging your personal and/or business credit score. Our recommended lender offers no credit check business loans by evaluating your simple bank statements and doing a soft pull, which gives the necessary information and stays on record for just a short period of time.

Lending Industry Breakdown - [2017]

  • Equipment lending
  • Working Capital
  • Lines of credit
  • New business funding
  • SBA
  • Franchise

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